The Secret To Lasting Weight Loss (That Has Nothing To Do With Food)
For over 12 years of my life, I spent my days criticizing my body, hating what I saw in the mirror, and berating myself for my imperfections. Negative thoughts about my body ran through my mind 24/7. I thought criticism and self-loathing were the way to “motivate” myself to... Read more
20 uncomfortable truths young Ghanaian ladies must know!
1. Gari doesn’t advertise yet runs out of stock on the market. Morale. It’s not about the excessive make-up or exposed thighs. It’s not about the plenty likes on Instagram or theBorges oil laced breasts. Put value on yourself… and value will chase after you! 2. We need to... Read more
Varsity ladies borrow underwears to impress their boyfriends
3FM’s Campus Rocks show last Friday turned its attention to competition amongst tertiary students but the focus was not about best grades but rather material things. The trend of students at the various campuses competing amongst themselves in terms of material things ranging from clothing, bags and shoes to... Read more
Which Is Your Favorite Waakye Joint?
The battle between Ghanaian and Nigerian Jollof have left lots of people forgetting about the equally important food they worship. Many have committed the sin of “Thou shall not forget Waaakye”. To atone for this serious offense, an annoymous team have decided to spread the works of Waakye as... Read more
What Type Of Girlfriend Are You?
In the world of dating, two relationships are never the same because people are simply different, want different things and do different things. Yet the aim of every relationship is happiness, unless otherwise. people mostly prefer opposite personality to them because they believe its their best match, whiles others... Read more
3 Types Of Cheating + How They Each Affect Your Relationship
Cheating is cheating, right? I mean, if you make a commitment to monogamy and then you break it, you’ve cheated, and the specifics of what you did, who you did it with, and what you felt when you were doing it don’t really matter, do they? Well, yes and... Read more
Want The Honeymoon Feeling Back In Your Marriage? 10 Tips For Getting It Back
Even in the best relationships, things can get “rusty.” You might be bored, may start to take each other for granted, may be fighting (or not communicating at all). But this doesn’t have to mean you’re going to live unhappily ever after. Once you recognize that things have gotten... Read more
United in marriage, divided by faith
A year into our marriage, he stopped going to church and he even tells our kids it’s okay if they don’t want to go. Of course they’d rather stay at home in bed on Sunday mornings. So most of the time, I travel to church alone. My bigger issue... Read more
7 Powerful Ways To Lose Weight While LOVING Your Body NOW
          Hating your body just fuels the fire. Stop it! So many of us learned that the path to change is paved with hard criticism of what’s wrong. (And then you keep making it wrong until it changes.) But this is a problematic misconception because … it doesn’t work! And when it comes to weight,... Read more
Here Are The 10 RIGHT Ways To Find Real Love
To find the right person, be the right person. Many people want to be in relationships but don’t know how to sustain a healthy one. While there is certainly nothing wrong with romantic fantasies about love — getting married and all the things that look somewhat like a romantic... Read more